The new competitive

Founded from within the banking industry by bankers for financial institutions to overcome inherent deficiencies with onboarding



Applicants can complete their request in under one minute as opposed to a national average of forty-five minutes



Apply from Desktop, tablet, or mobile from your home or even at your local branch



Secure and automated compliance, with manual review for override.


Nimblefi sets out to solve an industry-wide inherent issue that has been voted the #1 problem by financial institution CEOs the past 3 years with secure proceedural automation

Arcaic Inefficiencies prevent providing great service within the time that your customers expect.

slow onboarding times exceeding 15 minutes which have 31% less retention after year 1.

Excessive amounts of manual intervention and waste of time & resources.

Market Demand


(in deposits)

Frustrated & Shoppping


Billion (in deposits)

Frustrated & Willing to Move Providers


(in deposits)

Frustrated & Shoppping


Billion (in deposits)

Frustrated & Willing to Move Providers

How it works











Automated compliance

Assisting your compliance team to eliminate manual redunancies
so they can focus on important decisions in the industry






Politically Exposed


Federal & County Offense History

Bank Account Verification


Fraud Score:
Email Address


Fraud Score:
Cell Phone


Most Wanted List

  • Salary
  • Occupation
  • Industry
  • HUD
  • HMDA
  • CRA
  • BSA
  • Beneficial Owner
  • KYC
  • KYB
  • Bankruptcy Record
  • Covenant Reporting
  • Credit Bureau Report
  • UCC Lien Search

Other Benefits

Powerful Data

Over 1000 data points in 20 seconds. Although we are nimble, and quick, it doesn’t mean we took our eye off the prize when it comes to fully-assessing the applicant.

Document Automation / Retention

How you prefer, in your documents and workflow. Train our system in minutes to populate your documents and adhere to your workflow, allowing for greater management and diagnosis of bottlenecks.

Core Integration

Offsite integration in 24 hrs. Get fast, helpful, hands-off core integration remotely from nimblefi’s state of the art core connectivity solution.

Your new process

Your compliance officer’s new best friend when it comes to eliminating unnecessary redundancies.

Let get started

Master onboarding with 45x faster services

    What our customers think

    First impressions count

    With an average onboarding time of 45 minutes in the financial industry,
    bankers have been experiencing less than 50% retention for
    those that actually end up applying.

    Onboarding < 15 minutes


    15 minutes after

    Onboarding > 15 minutes


    18-20 minutes


    of Redundancies

    Never repeat another task, never ask the same prospect or customer to repeat their information either.

    With nimblefi’s automated workflow management platform for your employees, you will improve efficiencies by two-fold.