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Who is Nimblefi?

A financial technology company founded in the midwest, by bankers who strive to not tiptoe around banking’s #1 culprit to prosperity

What does Nimblefi offer?

We offer accelerated onboarding and underwriting services for not only your digital branch but also we have been found to be most effective in standardizing the way applicants are received in the branch as well.

What is your service?

We provide financial institutions with automated onboarding and underwriting whereby we more than triple the authentication that your front staff offers today, while more than doubling the compliance protocols that you deem worthy of accepting risk with currently.

What is the pricing structure?

Our pricing structure is fit to our clients, if you happen to be a financial institution reviewing this page right now, or actuary company we can approximate based on your size of company the number of transactions by which we provide 6x less cost than today.

What type of commitment do we need to provide?

None, we mentioned that we were bankers so we know of the pain and agony that is long term vendor commitments.

Which Core Technologies are you capable of connecting with?

Although we strive to not connect directly up to the core, as that is a purposely laborious task designed by the big fintech companies to maintain their clientele, we instead connect loosely to any core technology which our standard patent-pending integration process. This is done remotely and in less than an 8–hr day

How much time does it take your team to set up with our core?

One day approximately

How can I see a list of Account Requests?

The first thing you will see once you’re logged in is the Accounts Request List. This list features all the requests you can to review.

What is the anatomy of an Account Request list item?

Each list item presents an array of information regarding each account request.
Here you will have:
1. Name of Signers (primary and secondary)
2. Request Date
3. Selected Product Type
4. Request Status
5. Verifications

What are the compliance checks shown on the Account Request list item?

For your convenience we display a general status of each verification we run. Further details will be available to you on the Request Details page.
Here we present a general status for:

0 – Cell Phone verification and fraud score.
Email verification and fraud score
IP address verification
1º – Government Document Validation
Facial Match
2º – Document Validation
3º – Address Validation
4º – Sanctions Listings Search
5º – Adverse Media Listings Search
6º – Politically Exposed Listings Search

Bare in mind that you must proceed with a detailed analysis prior to accepting the Account Request

What states can an Account Request have?

Each Account Request can have 5 states.
Those can be:
– Incomplete – we are missing some requested data on the application
– Waiting for signatures – we have all the requested information but, Signers haven’t signed the agreement yet
– Ready to Review – we have the necessary elements to Review this request
– Approved – After the teller or authorised person verifies all the Account Request info it has been approved.
– Declined – After the teller or authorised person verifies all the Account Request info it has been declined.

How can I Filter Account Requests?

On the right top side of the list you have the ability to filter the results by each of the Account Request states. As mentioned before this are: Incomplete, Waiting for Signatures, Ready to Review, Approved and Declined.

How can I see details on an Account Request?

Once in the Account Requests List you can click on any Primary Signer (if you want to know more about signers and signer tipes click here ) name to access the Account Request details.
There you will find all the collected info on each signer, as well as, the ability to download/view Account Agreement and Approve/Decline options for the Account Request

What’s the anatomy of an Account Request detail?

On the top left of the page you have the Request ID and product type. On the right side you have the Account Agreement Status. This element also allows you to view or download the agreement.
The center section is organised by signer. Each signer has his own card with all his information and verifications status.
At the bottom you have the options to Accept or Decline the Account Request

What’s the anatomy of an Account Request signer card?

Each signer card shows you a summary of the available information for your analysis.
Starting from top left you have the signer’s personal information overhaul. The displayed fields are:
– Photo
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Mobile Phone Number
– Email
– Address
– City
– State
– Zip code
– Supplied Document Type
– Document Number
– Document Issue Date
– Document Expiration Date

On the top right side you have the status for each individual signer. This allows you to easily know the process status.
For the Primary signer this can be:
– Signed
– Didn’t Sign Yet
– Waiting for Other Signers
For the Secondary signers this can be:
– Invited
– Signed
– Didn’t Sign Yet
– Waiting for Other Signers

On the bottom we have the Verifications Overhaul Status. For each signer we conduct a series of searches to help you analyze the customer profile (you can find more information on the Profile Verifications here). You can directly verify the status of:
– Face Verification
– Document Verification
– Address
– Possible matches in Sanctions Listings
– Possible matches in Adverse Media Listings
– Possible matches in Politically Exposed Person Listings

You also have the ability to access all detailed information gathered for each signer. It is organised in categories. Those are:
– Detail Information – contains all the personal information gathered for this signer. If you want to know more on Signer Collected Data go here.
– Identity Verification – contains the status for all verifications regarding Identity and provided Document
– Compliance Checks – contains all verifications regarding Sanctions and Watchlists (AML), Adverse Media and PEP listings. If you want to know more on Compliance Checks go here.
– Documents – allows you to view provided Document images.

What are the Compliance Checks?

The compliance checks consist of verifications made to AML Listings to ensure the proposing customer is eligible for account opening.
If you want to know more about which we perform for the customers go here.

What data do Retrieve from the Customer?

During the onboarding process the customer is required to provide us with a Drivers Licence. With the help of some third party API’s we collect all personal info from the provided document. This are:
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Address
– City
– State
– Document Type
– Document Number
– Issue Date
– Expiration Date
Besides this we request the costumer to fill in the Email and Phone Number.

What is a Signer?

After the approval of an Account Opening Request, the customer subscribes to one of the bank products so it is designated as Signer.

How do you verify a signers identity?

To verify a customer ID we run validations for:
– Accuracy of Format
– Authenticity of MRZ
– Detect crumpled / folded edges
– Check photoshop | tampering | forgery
– Verify hologram | rainbow print
– Detect blurriness | exposure

What background checks do you run on each signer?

For each customer we run background checks on:

Sanctions and Watchlists (AML)
The AML check goes through 1,000s of global government regulatory and law enforcement watchlists and over 100 International and National Sanctions lists including:
– Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Sanctions
– United Nations Security Council Sanctions
– Her Majesty’s (HM) Treasury List
– EU Consolidated Sanctions List & EU Most Wanted Warnings
– Bureau of Industry and Security
– State Department Foreign Terrorist Organizations List and Non-Proliferation List
– US DOJ (FBI, DEA, US Marshals, and others)
– Interpol Most Wanted
– CBI List (The Central Bureau of Investigation)

Adverse Media

We use curated sources to ensure only reliable media informs this identification of adverse entities.

Using machine-learning-based technology enables a correct differentiation between the risk and the online noise.

We are able to identify every name in every article, every person and every organization. Identify crimes and categorize them by type, adding contextual information such as abbreviations or nicknames, dates of birth, age, locations, and associated entities. And run a full analysis of media context related to each name throughout these articles.

Political Exposed Person
By leveraging state of the art machine learning technology, we maintain robust PEPs monitoring, update and assurance process. This means that we have the capability of monitoring hundreds of PEPs lists concurrently in real-time.

What happens when you find a potential match on any of the background checks?

Although the machine learning technology aims to reduce false positives they can still happen. A human verification and assessment is necessary to validate the potential check. This is done by the Teller when reviewing the Account Request.

To know how to proceed in each type of warning (AML, PEP and Adverse Media) please refer to your institution procedures manual.

What should I do if one of the signers didn’t fill out his data?

If you are missing some data from a signer it means the signer hasn’t completed the onboarding process yet.In this case you’ll have the Resend Invite option available in the Details of the Account Request.

What is your service?

We provide financial institutions with automated onboarding and underwriting whereby we more than triple the authentication that your front staff offers today, while more than doubling the compliance protocols that you deem worthy of accepting risk with currently.

What are the diferences between Primary and Secondary signers?

By default we set the applicant as Primary Signer. This can be changed by the applicant to any other signer during the Account Request Process.

Can a consumer invite others to an account?

Yes. During the Request process the customer is offered the change to invite other to be co-signers in their account. They can also choose to select which one should be the Primary Signer.

What types of products can the consumer request?

The customer can choose from: Platinum Checking, Simple Checking and Shamrock Checking

How does the Account Request process works?

The account request process has 2 stages the Request and the Acceptance.


The request is done by a consumer that wants to open a new account at your institution. He/she will undergo into a process that takes less that 90 seconds and consists in the following steps:

1. Scan Drivers License or Passport
– This way we will be able to fill in most of the ID form automatically

2. Take a Selfie
– So that we can match the provided ID document picture with this one

3. Confirm the filled in information
– This information is extracted from the provided ID document

4. Select the desired product and choose the amount to transfer from other accounts
– The client will be able to choose between Platinum Checking, Simple Checking and Shamrock Checking

5. Invite other signers to this account.
– We send one invitation to each provided email providing access to the related onboarding process

6. Once all signers are enrolled a Account Agreement will be sent to them.
– The Agreement is sent via Docusign and must be digitally signed before Account Request Approval


Acceptance is done by a teller or someone on your institution after carefull review of the data collected on that account request using this backoffice.

You will find all the data that we collected from the consumer as well as enriched data like:

– Facial Verification

– Document Verification

– Address Verification

– AML screening(sanction and wachlists)

– Adverse Media Listings

– Is a political exposed person

What is an Account Request?

An Account Request is originated on the completion of the onboarding process. It will provide you with the required information to process an Account Opening Procedure.