How does the Account Request process works?

The account request process has 2 stages the Request and the Acceptance.


The request is done by a consumer that wants to open a new account at your institution. He/she will undergo into a process that takes less that 90 seconds and consists in the following steps:

1. Scan Drivers License or Passport
– This way we will be able to fill in most of the ID form automatically

2. Take a Selfie
– So that we can match the provided ID document picture with this one

3. Confirm the filled in information
– This information is extracted from the provided ID document

4. Select the desired product and choose the amount to transfer from other accounts
– The client will be able to choose between Platinum Checking, Simple Checking and Shamrock Checking

5. Invite other signers to this account.
– We send one invitation to each provided email providing access to the related onboarding process

6. Once all signers are enrolled a Account Agreement will be sent to them.
– The Agreement is sent via Docusign and must be digitally signed before Account Request Approval


Acceptance is done by a teller or someone on your institution after carefull review of the data collected on that account request using this backoffice.

You will find all the data that we collected from the consumer as well as enriched data like:

– Facial Verification

– Document Verification

– Address Verification

– AML screening(sanction and wachlists)

– Adverse Media Listings

– Is a political exposed person