What’s the anatomy of an Account Request signer card?

Each signer card shows you a summary of the available information for your analysis.
Starting from top left you have the signer’s personal information overhaul. The displayed fields are:
– Photo
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Mobile Phone Number
– Email
– Address
– City
– State
– Zip code
– Supplied Document Type
– Document Number
– Document Issue Date
– Document Expiration Date

On the top right side you have the status for each individual signer. This allows you to easily know the process status.
For the Primary signer this can be:
– Signed
– Didn’t Sign Yet
– Waiting for Other Signers
For the Secondary signers this can be:
– Invited
– Signed
– Didn’t Sign Yet
– Waiting for Other Signers

On the bottom we have the Verifications Overhaul Status. For each signer we conduct a series of searches to help you analyze the customer profile (you can find more information on the Profile Verifications here). You can directly verify the status of:
– Face Verification
– Document Verification
– Address
– Possible matches in Sanctions Listings
– Possible matches in Adverse Media Listings
– Possible matches in Politically Exposed Person Listings

You also have the ability to access all detailed information gathered for each signer. It is organised in categories. Those are:
– Detail Information – contains all the personal information gathered for this signer. If you want to know more on Signer Collected Data go here.
– Identity Verification – contains the status for all verifications regarding Identity and provided Document
– Compliance Checks – contains all verifications regarding Sanctions and Watchlists (AML), Adverse Media and PEP listings. If you want to know more on Compliance Checks go here.
– Documents – allows you to view provided Document images.