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Who we are

We are a team of experienced bankers and technology experts who have a common goal: simplifying financial services across the board. We want to eliminate banking inefficiencies so that the end-user can have a better experience with the financial institution that he is frequenting.

Our focus may be in automating the onboarding and compliance systems through state-of-the-art KYC technologies and other screening technologies, but we do not want to stop there. Our vision is to help banks and credit unions be technologically equipped for the 21st century through many automation solutions, helping all financial institutions save time when performing credit checks, lien searches, compliance functionalities, and more!

There is no going back to the way banking was before Nimblefi

Director of Banking, Big 4 Accounting Firm (NYC)
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Our values

What we stand for

Sustainability - No process should be accelerated if it cannot be accelerated. All of our solutions do not cut any unncecessary corners, just to speed up the application process

User-focused - We saw that the #1 problem for financial insitutions 3 years in a row was the onboarding process. That is why we sought to fix that problem first, before developing more product lines and solutions

Knowledge - Nimblefi’s founders have been in the banking industry for over 15 years, so we know the ins and outs of the business perfectly. That is why our solutions make so much sense for all of our clients: everything just works the way that it is supposed to!

Our vision

What we will accomplish

Deliver simple Fintech Solutions - Financial insitutions are definitely behind the technology wave. We can help them get up to speed, without needing to change any element of their current architecture.

Solve all pains in the banking industry - We started by solving the largest problem, which is simplifying the onboarding processes. But we will not stop there. We want to ensure that financial institutions have the same flexibility and manuverability that their Fintech counterparts have.

Save time - Bankers spend too much time doing administrative tasks. NimbleFi is here to change that!

Our story

How it started

2008 - After the Housing Crash in 2008, interest rates were at an all-time low (3.25% prime rate) and markets became flush with alternative investment opportunities. After new regulations were imposed since the crash, it became clear that the tactics that always “worked” in the past won’t work anymore. The banking and finance industry started changing fast, and the banking market became much, much tougher to compete in .

2009 - Mark Brown started learning these new banking tactics that were surfacing, and started seeing where flaws where most evident within the banking system. It became clear that onboarding was a massive headache, and the banks, institutions and credit unions did not seek to improve this inefficiency. Prospects would fill out their details in more than one redundant way, and then over the duration of the onboarding process would have no indication whether they would even qualify for the account.

2019 - Mark Brown met David Akers, technology expert and startup veteran, who helped identify the replacements for manual, physical efficiencies established in banking systems with technology solutions.

NimbleFi began developing the onboarding and underwriting solution for what it is today: it identified alliances and partnerships, starting with the medical and dentirstry industry. Then, the team assessed the weaknesses and threats to nimblefi’s mission of making financial institutions more nimble, so that everyone can gain access and transparency to greater financial prosperity.

2020 - Nimblefi developed the industry’s leading SBA PPP lending solution, decreasing the time for onboarding completion from 3 hours to 15 minutes.

NimbleFi also came across a staggering statistic showing that only 8% of applicants end up actually finishing their application. One of the main drivers of this was the fact that prospects were not given any assistance to help with recurring items such as energy, water, waste, cable, internet, cell phone bill, recurring debt obligations, etc. - They weren’t even given help when trying to move funds from one financial institution to a new one! This led to many qualified and interested prospects to abandon their application, simply because the user experience was too poor

2021 - NimbleFi understood that prospects don’t like waiting in the driving seat, expecting an answer to get onboarded. Therefore, the company began streamlining onboarding and underwriting for financial institutions across the country, automated compliance, and began monitoring financial institutions’ portfolios for life and account changes that require banking service, as well as compliance and risk changes.

2022 - will average 10,000 onboarding / underwriting applications per month. Advanced the onboarding into loan underwriting and card placement.


  • 2018

    Developed the concept for nimblefi

  • 2019 & 2020

    Developed the solution

  • 2020

    Developed the country’s leading SBA PPP lending software

  • 2020

    Started offering Nimblefi’s solutions to banks and credit unions outside of beta-bank

  • 2021

    Onboarding for personal deposit accounts and business deposit accounts

  • 2021

    Embarked on two new product lines: card services, and consumer lending

  • 2022

    Added residential real estate lending to the product array

  • 2022

    Started to identify recurring items

Let get started

Master onboarding with 45x faster services

    Our team

    We are a small team of banking and compliance veterans, who truly know the banking and technology spaces. We all have at least 15+ years of experience in our respective fields. We only have AAA members in our team, so that we can provide AAA solutions to our clients.


    Where it works

    Our solutions can be used for all types of account onboarding. From simple account
    onboarding to even loan approvals, Nimblefi has you covered!

    • Deposit account onboarding
    • Card services
    • Consumer lending
    • Real estate lending
    • Realty
    • Commercial real estate
    • Compliance
    • Authentication

    Advantage 1

    Borderless integration - unlike other onboarding solutions, which require a very specific framework in order to integrate their solution, our solutions will work with any current banking system or software that is in place. No more complicated and costly migrations!

    Advantage 2

    Blazingly fast - We can complete onboarding in 15 minutes, whereas our competitors take 30-45 minutes on average!

    Advantage 3

    Automated compliance - Our automated compliance software checks all the records of a person within minutes. Combined with ID verification measures you can be certain that every person onboarded is legitimate!


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